The official launching of the 2017 national seeds and seedling distribution season, and hand over eighteen tractors to the Cameroon Development Corporation told place on day 12 May 2017.

The headquarters of Fako division, limbe played host to a twin ceremony which was presided over by the minister of Agriculture and Rural Development. Speaking during the twin ceremony, Minister Henri Eyebe Ayissi said close to 1200 young, new cocoa producers and 300 of them for Robusta coffee production were beneficiaries to the action that falls within the framework of the effort to inject a new workforce of professional cocoa and coffee value chains to improve productivity and competitiveness. It should be noted that one million two hundred cocoa seedlings and 200000 Robusta coffee seedlings were distributed through the national nursery network of the cocoa and coffee planting material production and distribution project (PPDMVCC) that supports the cocoa and coffee joint inter professional council (CICC).

Further, the Cameroon Development Corporation CDC also receives 18 tractors donated by the Government of the Republic. This aims to promote improved working conditions in the plantation of this public company, which employs close to 22,000 people.