MINADER IN FIGURES is a Directory/Yearbook that presents, in a quantifiable manner, the achievements of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MINADER) and structures under MINADER supervision over the course of a year. These achievements relate to actions, interventions, investments and activities carried out. The domains covered concern: human resources, infrastructure, vocational training, multi-faceted support, regulations, and quality control of agricultural inputs, cooperation, and gender promotion. Target units from MINADER IN FIGURES are the Central Services as well as Decentralized Services of MINADER, MINADER Programs / Projects, Structures/Structures under MINADER Supervision (Companies, Public Bodies/structures, and Consular Chamber).
The production of MINADER IN FIGURES aims to enhance the performance of public agricultural and rural development programs.
This sixth publication follows the last one published in 2011, which concerned data for the year 2009. Produced by the Unit of Statistics Syntheses and Agriculture Incomes CSSRA of the Department of Agricultural Surveys and Statistics (DESA), it is in line with the process of boosting the activities of this Department, which began in December 2020, one of the targets of which is to restore all or part of the DESA’s statistical publications. Developed in a participatory approach, MINADER IN FIGURES 2019 will have enabled discussions between senior officials of MINADER, MINFI and MINEPAT representatives to appropriate this tool as an essential benchmark for the interventions of all stakeholders of the rural world. I remain convinced that the regular publication of this document will enhance the quality of the PPBS (Planning-Programming-Budgeting-Monitoring-Evaluation) chain within MINADER.

The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development

Mr. Gabriel MBAIROBE