Consultation and farming workshop with a view to strengthening interprofessional dynamics in the potato sector open in Bafoussam, Tolotel Hotel From 28th to 29th November 2023.
The National Development Strategy 2020-2030( RSDS-30), puts a particular emphasis on the professionalisation of economic actors particularly in the Agriculture and Rural Development Sub-Sector. Cameroon has approximately 32,997 hectares of sown potato farms. Potato is among the main cash and staple foods in Cameroon that has witnessed a significant increase over the last decade. However, potato production in Cameroon lags. Opening the Consultation and framing workshop to strengthen interprofessional dynamics in the potato sector the Secretary General of the Ministry representing the Minister called on the actors in this sector (seed producers, potato producers, processing agro-industries, and distributors), to follow the objective set by the SDSR/PNIA 2020-2030 to produce 650.000 tonnes in 2025 and 900.000 tonnes in 2030 with an increased yield per hectare expected to reach 14T/ha in 2025 to 16T/ha in 2020-2030. This workshop will run for 2 days .