Newsletter on agricultural products price monitoring on markets in the Adamawa, North and Far North region

Period : March to May 2022 in the Adamawa, North and Far North regions

 – Prices of wheat and maize experienced a continuous increase, with higher prices in the Far North region during the months of April and May
– As for rice, there are price variations within each
– The price of groundnuts, as well as groundnut and cotton oil, continuously increased during the period of
– Tomato prices increased in all three regions mon- itored since March
– An increase of prices in plantain and sweet banana was recorded in the Adamaoua and North region
– The price of roots and tubers increased, with the highest price increase observed in the Far North region
– The price of onion rose in the Adamaoua and Far North regions.


The data presented in this bulletin was collected by agents of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Devel- opment (MINADER), as part of the pilot project on the Market Information System (SIM) implemented by the Director of Agricultural Surveys and Statistics-DESA, with the technical and financial support of the World Food Program (WFP) in Cameroon.

After a training of the data collection agents, a calibration of each product was carried out in order to identify the local units of measurement in the markets.

In total, 30 food products are monitored monthly on 30 pilot markets in the Adamawa, North and Far North regions.

Summary table


MBAIRANODJI André, Direction des Enquêtes et statistiques agricoles