Under the co-chair of the minister of agriculture and rural development Gabriel MBAIROBE and minister of livestock fisheries and animal industry Dr Taiga, the 7th session of the National Technical Committee of the General Census of Agriculture and livestock, opens today 1st June 2020 with mainly the committee’s members to focus on the following points.

Adopt the 6th session minutes of the National Technical Committee of the GCAL of April 24, 2019,

Examine the status of implementation of the resolutions and recommendations of the 6th session of the NTC.

Review and adopt the 2019 Annual Performance Report (RAP) and the 2020 GCAL Administration Performance Project

Take note from the evolution of the preparation for the core module.

Taking during the ceremony the National coordinator of GCAL Andre MBAIRANODJI said the 7th session of the NTC will help the national Coordination of the GCAL to impart the highlights of the session, the completed achievements in the GCAL and to encourage the perfect collaboration and involvement of the various stakeholders in the national territory.